Evolution of Reimagining the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (TREC-CT) Continues with Position Changes This Fall

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Evolution of The Reimagining of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut(TREC-CT) Continues with Position Changes This Fall

Beginning this fall, the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) will formally transition to three, full time Region Missionaries supporting our six Regions and Ministry Networks in new and exciting ways. The Rev. Canon Tim Hodapp will also be transitioning to Canon for Mission Advancement & Coaching, in lieu of his former position of Canon for Mission Collaboration and in light of the retirement of Canon for Mission Leadership, the Rev. Lee Ann Tolzmann. 
As growth and collaboration continues to flourish in our Regions, the Region Missionaries have shifted their responsibilities to become more aligned with ECCT programs and offerings across the parishes and worshiping communities in the two respective regions they will each serve. The positions are as follows:

Maggie Breen, Northeast and North Central Region Missionary   
Dylan Mello, Northwest and Southwest Region Missionary     
Rachel Thomas, Southeast and South-Central Region Missionary

A Region Missionary will have five primary areas of engagement, namely to support the development of leaders (privileging lay leadership) and diocesan initiatives ; oversee, enhance, and expand Ministry Networks; advance efforts to dismantle racism, white supremacy, and anti-Black bias; coach parishes as they engage with the Joining Jesus in a New Missional Age (JJMA) Spiritual Practices; and promote and assist in the development of a 21st century Church, utilizing new financial resources raised through the JJMA fundraising initiative. 

Working closely with the conveners of the Region Leadership Teams (RLTs), they will support the RLTs in their efforts to raise up collaborative opportunities in the Regions. The Region Missionaries will also work closely with the leadership of Ministry Networks, assisting in the convening and the communication about the work of the networks.  

As the Rev. Canon Tim Hodapp concludes his work in helping develop the initial stages of the TREC-CT vision, he will transition as Canon for Mission Advancement & Coaching to overseeing support groups, including but not limited to: various gatherings of Priests-in-Charge, and parishes entering into clergy transition. He will also engage both clergy and lay leaders as learning communities to more deeply understand and practice ways of “traveling lightly together and following Jesus into the neighborhood” Luke 10, while continuing to provide oversight for the Region Entrepreneurial Fund and New Christian Communities.

“I continue to be inspired by the ministry and witness of our Region Missionaries,” said the Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan. “Maggie, Rachel, and Dylan use their many gifts to empower people from all over the diocese to dream and collaborate. This new job description will enhance all of our connectivity and will also strengthen the individual regions in a variety of ways. This feels like a logical next step in our faithful participation in God’s mission.”

“I so appreciate the way the leadership of our Regions and our Region Missionaries continue to adapt and trust in the Holy Spirit leading as we take our next steps together in reimagining the Episcopal Church in Connecticut,” said the Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, Ph.D., Bishop Diocesan. “It is an exciting time for the church in this new missional age, and joining Jesus we will find new life and possibility in these changes.”