The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Gratitude for Karin Hamilton, Canon for Mission Communications & Media

Karin Hamilton has worked at the Episcopal Church in Connecticut for 25 years. In her tenure, Karin has accrued a long and diverse set of accomplishments, of which some are listed below.

  • In the late 1990s, Karin created the first website for the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, which was one of the first in The Episcopal Church and won an Episcopal Communicators award for her work.
  • Evolved a 6-issue per year print newspaper to an annual professional-quality magazine called CRUX, highlighting God’s mission and flow throughout Connecticut.
  • Established one of the first diocesan electronic newsletter, which has grown over 20 years to include an audience of over 5,000 individuals.
  • Created an informational charts depicting how Resolutions move through General Convention—which has been used by The Episcopal Church for educational purposes.
  • Live-tweeted the bishop election of the Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas.
  • Initiated and shepherded a re-branding of the Diocese of Connecticut in 2014, including a new logo and branding, clear and concise language around God’s mission, and high-quality marketing materials; resulting in the current logo and look of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.
  • Spurred creation of an on-going informational bookmark series clearly highlighting the Five Baptismal Marks of Mission, God’s Mission in 100 Words, Guidelines for Mutuality, What is a Parish in the New Missional Age, and Spiritual Practices in a New Missional Age.
  • Created a one-minute video series, to feature an individual from each of the six Regions, for the 2017 Annual Convention.
  • Established reputable daily electronic newsletter coverage during the General Conventions of The Episcopal Church.
  • Created, launched, co-hosted, and edited the weekly diocesan podcast Coffee Hour at The Commons.
  • Helped to establish the new and revolutionary role of Digital Storyteller at the diocesan level.

The list of accomplishments continues on, as does our immense gratitude to Karin for her faithful dedication and incredibly hard work for the church, the people of Connecticut, and the community at The Commons. Karin has supervised many individuals within her role as Canon for Mission Communications and Media, and has worked with numerous individuals on projects, magazines, newsletters, videos, and more.

Karin has not only formed working relationships with people within the church but has developed close ties and bonds. She has always paid close attention to highlighting stories, voices, and talents of those on the margins; and has always been open to and supportive of new initiatives and different ideas from her own.

The bishops have both voiced their appreciation and thanks to God for Karin’s faithful and lasting ministries for the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

“Karin was not only willing to creatively try on new ways of communicating with ECCT about God’s Mission including CRUX magazine and Coffee Hour at The Commons, she also invited each one of us to explore and expand the ways that we personally communicate about God’s Mission. For me, her coaching and enthusiastic support of my using video as a communication tool was a gift. I am also grateful for the ways she supported and encouraged my running hobby. I will always treasure our shared runs in Hartford, Meriden, New Hampshire and countless other places!” (The Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan)

Even before coming to Connecticut I knew of Karin’s gifts and skills in communicating the Gospel across the Church and around the world.  That’s why when I arrived in Connecticut I immediately promoted her to the status of staff Canon and made her part of the senior management team for the diocese.  As Canon for Mission Communications and Media, Karin has contributed above and beyond all expectations.  Her list of accomplishments are legion; particularly her commitment to helping people at the margins find their voices.  Above all, I have appreciated Karin’s profound faith in Jesus the Christ, and her never-ending trust in the power of the Holy Spirit.  I thank God for all that Karin has done for ECCT.  Well done, good and faithful companion in Christ.” (The Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, Bishop Diocesan)

We at The Commons and the whole of The Episcopal Church in Connecticut send our blessings to Karin and are forever indebted to her. Thank you, Karin, for shepherding us into new ways of doing and being the hands and feet and texts and tweets of Jesus in this world.