Mutual Aid: Changing the Economic Conversation and Picture

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Our faithful frustration at the economic disparities in Connecticut need not limit our efforts.  We can continue to advocate for political change AND we can work to establish some networks that aid people without reliance on political support.  Mutual Aid is one such network.

The Rev. Tracy Johnson Russell and the Rev. Whitney Altopp co-chair the Resource Pooling working group which plans to focus on Mutual Aid between now and Holy Week 2022.  They are in search of 10 people (lay or clergy) who would like to join the working group with the goal of developing information and processes for establishing Mutual Aid groups in various regions. This group will focus on understanding, communications, and support of mutual aid groups so those in ECCT interested might begin the process of developing a mutual aid group.  Mutual Aid groups are a powerful and inspiring way to change the economic picture for many people.

Please contact your Region Missionary if you’re interested in learning more about this working group.