The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Summary of Convention Actions

Actions taken at this Convention include those taken through traditional resolutions and those requested through the working groups. A summary, and links to details, is below, as are election results. Links to Bishop Douglas' Annual Address and Bishop Ahrens' Convention Eucharist Sermon are on this page. 

Through seven resolutions:
  • Adopted the proposed Budget of Convention and Clergy Salary Schedule;
  • Decided to launch a "Season of Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation" to last a minimum of two years, "with the initial goals of: introducing foundational concepts, language, and tools to help encourage and enable congregations to begin opening hearts and minds; recognizing the reality of white supremacy and bias against people of color; and awakening Episcopalians in Connecticut to the need for concerted action to address the ongoing injustice of the racial divide." Also, to ask all parishes on the second Sunday of February to launch a conversation on the sin of racism; ask all parishes to report back to the Mission Council how they're engaging in that conversation, study, and action; specify related training for leaders in clergy transition; and specify related diversity requirements for ECCT staff hires;
  • Adopted revised canons to guide ECCT's process for electing bishops, in part to accommodate changes in ECCT from Deaneries to Regions;
  • Tabled a resolution that would have compiled canons and other guidelines to identify "Clergy in Good Standing;"
  • Voted to place St. Paul's, Darien under the direct supervision of the Bishop, making it a "worshiping community" in ECCT instead of a full parish;
  • Voted to recognize and affirm the inherent dignity and worth of transgender and gender non-conforming persons as beloved children of God.

Link here to page with full text of each resolution as amended.

Through the new Questions sessions:
  • Request a Community Needs Assessment to understand the needs of underrepresented groups in the church and beyond;
  • Fund a 10-hour/week ECCT staff position to facilitate gathering, curating, and disseminating resources to address the history of white supremacy and facilitate conversation of racism;
  • Appoint a task force to study what is a parish in the new missional age; what is the role of a priest who is not a full-time rector in the new missional age; and to explore various models and possibilities of missional ministry within parishes, worshiping communities, and the wider community;
  • Direct the bishops to appoint a task force of clergy and laity to study "biblical teaching as well as historical and current sacramental theology and practice; to develop educational materials to share with clergy and laity of the Church; and to explore further whether and how experimentation with open communion could and/or should be made canonically permissible."

Link here to page with full text of each question and the report of the working group that explored each question.

Election results 

Standing Committee: Nancy Staniewicz; Thom Hagerth; the Rev. Rowena Kemp; the Rev. Mark Byers

Mission Council (elected from Ministry Networks): The Rev. Ranjit Mathews; the Rev. Bonnie Matthews, Deacon; the Rev. Ann Perrott

Bio info on all nominees can be found on this page.