The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Addiction and Recovery

At the 78th General Convention of The  Episcopal Church in 2015, three related resolutions passed. One updated the church's policies on the use of alcohol that had last been updated in 1985.

A159 admitted the Church's complicity in a "culture of alcohol." It resolved that the Church would confront that and repent of it; speak to cultural norms that promote addiction, promote spiritual practices as a means of prevention and healing, and advocate for public funding and health insurance. Full text here.

A158, originally requested a task force, and ultimately proposed a policy on alcohol and other substance misuse. It encouraged dioceses, congregations, seminaries, schools, young adult ministries, and affiliated institutions to update their own policies and consider the proposed policy as a guideline. Full text here.

D014 encouraged sponsoring clergy, vestries, Commissions on Ministry, Standing Committees, and bishops interviewing nominees, postulants, and candidates for ordination to ask about substance use and offer resources to those with addiction issues. Full text here.

Recovery Ministries

Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church is a national membership organization with a mission to those who, through addiction, have lost their health and freedom. Visit their website, which is rich in resources, at
(From an older print brochure) This ministry seeks to:
•    Help the addicted, and those who love them, connect with spiritual resources and find lasting recovery,
•    Witness to Christ’s unfailing mercy by welcoming unchurched members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve-step programs into the Episcopal faith community,
•    Raise the awareness of Bishops, other clergy and lay leaders about the disease of addiction and the redemption and grace found in recovery,
•    Strengthen recovering Episcopalians in the work of their recovery and help proclaim the Gospel in the world and carry their recovery into the Church.

Publications include: How to start a new diocesan recovery ministry; The functional alcoholic, Prayers in recovery, and many more.

CT Resources

If you are looking for a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in CT, you may find a listing (along with many other local resources) at the AA CT page.

If you are looking for inpatient rehabilitation centers, you may find them through the CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

ECCT resources

The file repository includes the following:

1. Open the "Administration" folder, then open the subfolder, "Guidelines & Policies" for:

  • A Diocesan Policy on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (1985, rev. 2002) adopted by the Executive Council
  • Model Policy on the use of Alcoholic Beverages in Congregations (12/2009) adopted by the Executive Council and adopted by the Executive Council to apply to diocesan events

2. Open the "Bishops' Pastoral Letters & Guidelines, etc." folder, for:

  • Bishops letter to the clergy on addiction, health and wholeness (February 2015). The link to the model policy is broken, please use the information above.
  • Bishops' Guidelines for Clergy Addicted (2010)


To view the ECCT Bishops'  "Guidelines for Intervention/Response to Clergy Addicted to a substance or Behavior" please click here for the File Repository and search for the folder on "Bishops Pastoral Letters, Guidelines, and Directives."