The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Cuba Ministry Network

The Cuba Ministry Network is a group of parishes, individuals and nonprofits working together to support and learn from the Episcopal Church in Cuba. 


As US-Cuba relations begin to open up, new opportunities are arising to develop relationships and joint ministries with the Cuban church and the communities it serves.  The 2015 General Convention of The Episcopal Church appointed a Task Force on the Episcopal Church in Cuba.  The Task Force will work through legal and other challenges to reuniting with the US church, as requested by the Cuban bishop, Griselda del Carpio.

There is already strong group of Episcopal churches in Florida with longstanding relationships with the Cuban church. An unknown number of individual parishes around the US are also working on Cuba Ministry.  In support of the national Task Force, The Cuba Ministry Network of ECCT will become part of an emerging national network of Episcopal churches working with the Cuban church.


We have much to learn from the Cuban church, which is growing steadily and attracting young people! The church in Cuba also needs our Christian fellowship, prayers and material support.

Through a series of meetings in Connecticut and trips to Cuba, a group of parishioners at Saint Luke’s Darien explored ways to help the Cuban church, based on priorities shared by Bishop Griselda. For example, the church’s physical infrastructure has sadly deteriorated due to lack of funds and access to construction materials. In addition, the church lacks the most basic systems for communication and administration.  As a result, Saint Luke’s began a series initiatives with Cuba.  See our webpage for the current update.


We invite you to learn more about the Cuba Ministry Network, whether you’re just curious or you’re already working in Cuba. We especially invite queries from Youth Ministries as we are involved in refurbishment of Camp Blankingship, the diocesan youth camp and retreat center. We’re also looking ahead to future mission trips to Cuba for adults and youth.


The last Cuba Conference was Saturday, September 17, 2016. Stay tuned for the next event. 



Cuba Partnerships Subcommittee:  Jennifer Young,
Cuba Conference Program Chair:  Pam Anderson,
Cuba & Youth Ministry: Michael Toy,
Cuba Mission Trips:  Pat Cage,