Contact an Intake Officer

Anyone may contact a diocesan Intake Officer to report concerns about the behavior of a member of the clergy (priests, deacons, bishops). This initiates a process to hold clergy accountable for their behaviors. There are three official Intake Officers for the Diocese of Connecticut. All are screened, qualified, and trained. You may wish to choose a particular Intake Officer over the others for various reasons. You will receive a timely response if you need to leave a message.

What can you expect from an Intake Officer?

  • You will be listened to with respect.
  • You will be offered pastoral care and response.
  • The Intake Officer will create a written report regarding your concerns.
  • The Intake Officer will answer your questions about the process.

NOTE: Effective July 1, 2011 clergy are required to report to the Intake Officer anything that may constitute an offense and to cooperate with the clergy disciplinary process.

Intake Officers

  • Tokunbo Green, Esq.she/her
  • Susan Jacksonshe/her
  • The Rev. Kevin Oldshe/his
  • All Intake Officers are equipped with the skillset to handle a range of requests. We encourage you to click each image to review their bios further.