The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Communication resources

Bulletin inserts, below, link here

  • Letter from the Bishops about the Season of Reconciliation (Jan. 4, 2019) Link here
  • Podcast with the Rev. Rowena Kemp about the Season (Episode 28, Dec. 14, 2018) Link here
  • Recorded webinar, Province I, with Suzy Burke and the Rev. Rowena Kemp, on ECCT's "Season"  (Jan. 15, 2019) Link here
  • Resources for the Feb. 10, 2019 (Jan 18, 2019) Day:  Link here (includes suggested bulletin text for 2/10)
  • Blog post: "Owning My White Privilege" by Suzy Burke - Link here
  • Podcast, "Voices from the Black Diaspora" with prayers from the Rev. Rowena Kemp; poems chosen from African American literature and read by Dr. Eleanor Q. Tignor; poems by, and read by, Marc-Yves Regis, and an interview with Enola Aird, founder and president of Community Healing Network (Episode 34, Feb. 1, 2019) Link here
  • Podcast, "Talking about the Rev. Absalom Jones and the Union of Black Episcopalians" with the Hon Steven Mullins (Episode 35, Feb. 8, 2019) Link here
  • Podcast, The Gift of Multiplicity of Expression," with Bishop Carol Gallagher (Cherokee) (Episode 41, March 29, 2019) Link here
  • Podcast, "Be Not Conformed," interview/introduction to ECCT Racial Justice Coordination Kelli R. Gibson (Episode 48, May 31, 2019) Link here
  • Letter from the Rev. Don Hamer of the Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation Ministry Network inviting congregations seeking related programming to contact the Network. Link here (PDF) 
Bulletin inserts.

Monthly offerings from the Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation Ministry Network to help parishes stay engaged in the Season. Various contributors; may include updates on resources, events, and more. Double-sized half-sheet size. Posted here and included fourth week of the month in weekly ECCT eNewsletters.

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