The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Sharing communion with creation

O holy God, Creator of all, lover of all, giver of all life.
In this time of our brokenness, we share these gifts of Jesus’ presence with this earth, as a reminder that your creation waits with us for your healing and redemption. We share it with those who have gone before in this place (insert any tribal connections or, if in a memorial garden, mention of that), in thanksgiving for your promise that we are held together in the communion of the saints. While we are unable to receive your sacraments, may your Holy Spirit use these gifts to nourish this earth and all who live in it and on it, and remind us of your desire to bring us all, together, to fullness of life as your new creation.   Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

To find the names of tribes who lived on the land you currently occupy so that you can include them in  your prayer, have a look at