The story of Christmas is told in greetings:
The angel of the Lord greets Zechariah to tell him of the son he will have.
The angel Gabriel greets Mary to tell her of the child she will bear.
Mary greets Elizabeth and learns of Elizabeth’s pregnancy.
The child John leaps in Elizabeth’s womb to greet his cousin, Jesus.
Elizabeth greets Mary and confirms that she will be the mother of her Lord.
Mary greets God in her Magnificat, praising him and his power.
Zechariah greets his son John with the promise that he will be of prophet of God.
Mary and Joseph greet their newborn son, Jesus, in a stable.
The angels greet the shepherds and announce the good news of Jesus’ birth.
The shepherds greet the newborn child with praises to God.
The three kings arrive to greet the newborn king after following his star.
Simeon greets Mary and Joseph with praise to God and a prophesy of Jesus’ impact on the world.
Tonight and tomorrow morning, we greet Jesus, God incarnate, into our world and our hearts. Come, Lord Jesus.

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