Yet knowing how way leads on to way…. Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”
In this hour, I turned to focus on the clutter of my world. The car needed repair; the groceries needed unpacking; the laundry sat in a pile; colleagues’ voices filled my head with chatter and gossip; the TV news muttered and grumbled till I was deaf with it. I did not stop. I did hear Christ this hour. I did not see Christ in these tasks. I did not try.
Christ is here waiting for me to turn and see. I repent.
In this month, there has been so much to do. I have wandered in the valley of holiday preparations, on a crooked path I worked my way from one task to the next – baking and decorating and shopping. My view obscured by mountains of paperwork and Internet traffic and worldly cares. I huddled in the darkness and cold of December gloom. I forgot to watch the sunset; I forgot to see the glory of the winter dawn; I did not see the light. I forgot why the garland drapes the house and candles embellish the mantle. I forgot why we roast turkey and bake cookies. A tree sits in the center of my house; the crèche sits hidden on a corner table.
Christ is here waiting for me to turn and see. I repent.
In this troublesome year, I despaired. I depended on the security of my house and my savings account and my stores of groceries. I depended on masks and vaccines. I listened the voices of CDC and government officials. I trembled at the voices of dissent and rebellion. I feared a changing world; I feared the darkness. I forgot to see Christ. I forgot to look for Christ.
Christ is here waiting for me to turn and see. I repent.
Begin again. Make all things new. Make straight the path. Turn away from the voices of the world. Fill the low places with the words of the Lord. Take down the Mountains of the world that obscure the horizon. Turn around. Prepare the way. Stop. See down the cleared path. See the salvation of God

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