The Rev. Tim Hodapp, Canon for Congregations & Transitions

As Canon for Congregations & Transitions, I collaborate with Episcopalians across Connecticut to build awareness of exactly what we mean when we describe our Baptismal call to live as God’s beloved community. Both within and outside our parish and worshipping community walls, Episcopalians are inspired to step into the neighborhoods where we live and work, play and pray, in a manner that is both attentive and responsive.

In practical terms, I assist by helping church leaders, in particular clergy and vestries, assess the life of the faith community in its totality (worship, faith formation, faith-in-action ministries, neighborhood engagement, Regions, our diocese, and across The Episcopal Church) to ask the question: “What is God inviting us to pay attention to?” Then, through prayer, discernment, programming, education, and spiritual practices, we collaborate together to learn how to engage our parishes and surrounding neighborhoods differently. Through the rigor of taking on new practices and reflecting on what we are learning together, we discover how to do more than pay attention to God, but also join God in the work.

I am thoroughly excited by the reality that today the Spirit is sparking this missional work throughout TEC and around the world. We are a part of something global even as we engage our local neighborhoods in new and exciting ways.

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  • Congregational Life & Development
  • Parishes in Transition
  • Joining Jesus in a New Missional Age Spiritual Practices
  • Three-Year Priest in Charge Community of Practice
  • Year-to-Year Priest in Charge Community of Practice
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