The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Guidelines for Mutuality

These "Guidelines for Mutuality" are a way of interacting with one another that respects differences. They are from VISIONS Inc., a nonprofit in the Boston area that offers training, consultants, and other resources and whose vision is "To be a catalyst for a more equitable world where differences are valued and used for the benefit of all." 

  • "Try on" new ideas and practices
  • It's okay to disagree
  • It is not okay to blame, shame, or attack, self or others
  • Practice "self-focus"
  • Take 100% responsibility for own learning
  • Practice "both/and" thinking
  • Notice both process and content
  • Be aware of intent and impact
  • Maintain confidentiality

These guidelines are used by ECCT staff, at leadership gatherings, other ECCT-wide trainings, and by many vestry meetings. They were presented to the ECCT clergy by the bishops in 2011. ECCT's relationship with VISIONS Inc. comes through Bishop Douglas who worked with the organization during his years teaching at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass. The Episcopal Church in Connecticut has send leaders and staff for training and contracts with their consultants to assist in specific circumstances. ECCT staff continue to identify ways to train more people.