Bishops & Staff


  • The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey W. Mello (he/his)Bishop Diocesan
  • The Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens (she/hers)Bishop Suffragan


  • The Rev. Tim Hodapp (he/his)Canon for Congregations & Transitions
  • Alison Hollo (she/hers)Canon for Bishops' Support & Administration
  • The Rev. D Littlepage (they/them)Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice & Reconciliation
  • The Rev. Ranjit K. Mathews (he/his)Canon to the Ordinary
  • Rosanna Rosado (she/hers)Canon for Mission Finance & Operations
  • Sarah Woodford (she/hers)Canon for Communications & Media


  • Louisa Baker, Ph.D. (she/hers)Director of Wellness Programs
  • Caela Collins (she/hers)Digital Storyteller
  • Derrick Da Silva (he/his)Controller
  • Theresa Dupont (she/hers)Director of Operations for Donations & Bequests
  • Greg Farr (he/his)Archivist & Records Manager
  • Roxana Flores (she/hers)Receptionist and Administrative Assistant for Communications & Media
  • Robin Hammeal-Urban (she/hers)Pastoral Response & Discipline Resource Officer
  • The Rev. Cn. Rebekah Hatch (she/hers)Dean of Formation
  • Jon Heflin (he/his)Property Manager
  • Bernice Jackson (she/hers)Administrator for Licensing & Training
  • Debbie Kenney (she/hers)Administrator for Ordination Processes
  • The Rev. Stacey KohlSecretary of the Diocese and Convention
  • Gigi Leackfeldt (she/hers)Data Analyst Manager
  • Trish Leonard (she/hers)Administrator for Suffragan Bishop and Diocesan Events Facilitator
  • Candace NaudĂ© (she/hers)Accounts Manager
  • Kathy O'Hearn (she/hers)Staff Accountant
  • Jean Tomasco (she/hers)Human Resources Manager