The Rev. Ranjit K. Mathews, Canon to the Ordinary

The Reverend Canon Ranjit K. Mathews began his role as Canon to the Ordinary (“C2O”) on October 1, 2023 after transitioning out of his role as ECCT’s Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice & Reconciliation in September 2023.  

“Over the past year, Bishop Mello has done the hard work of listening and paying attention to the spiritual needs of our faith community. I believe in his unfolding vision of meeting our congregations, clergy, and lay leaders where they are; and encouraging them to engage the mission of God in their own context.  With a lens of justice and equity as the foundation of my ministry, I am excited to step into this role and support this faithful work.”

I hope to support this vision in the following ways:

Firstly, If you have a question or concern about your ministry, reach out to me. We’ll work together to discern whether I can respond to the spiritual needs or if it needs the attention of another member of the ECCT staff.

Secondly, I will serve as Chief of Staff at The Commons and continue to build cohesion amongst our deeply talented staff so that as a service-based organization, we can meet you, our congregations and communities, just where you are, helping you and your faith community live out the way of Jesus in your particular context.

Thirdly, I will be worshipping with you in your congregations on Sundays, preaching, celebrating, and listening to the movement of the Holy Spirit. If you would like me to visit, preach, and get to know your congregation, that would be a privilege. Please reach out to me so we can set up a date and time for a visit. These visitations throughout our diocese will allow me to be a more informed advisor and counselor to Bishop Mello as he continues his work in supporting the faith community and manifesting the wider vision for ECCT.

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Contact Ranjit for all:

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