The Rev. Ranjit K. Mathews, Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice & Reconciliation

As Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice, & Reconciliation, I work with parish and diocesan leadership to move from our Baptismal promises, following Jesus to embody the Beloved Community

Our ECCT convention has made a deep and abiding commitment to move in and through this work, and I would love to journey with you as we together mid-wife a new reality, one that centers our neighbor’s innate beloved-ness and where we challenge systems to enact justice.   

This means interrogating systems, internally and externally, confronting and challenging a culture of white supremacy and anti-black bias that are endemic in U.S society.  Walking in this way may mean practicing civil disobedience. To what lengths are you willing to go to lean into the way of Jesus? 

If you would like to move in and through your witness of following Jesus into the neighborhood, and want to collaborate, please do reach out to me. There are on-going epidemics with gun violence, the existential crisis with climate change and the reality of economic inequality. These are intersectional issues that invite the body of Christ to offer a bold and sustained witness. Please do reach out if you feel moved. 

The journey towards justice and wholeness necessitates building a culture of vulnerability and challenging a culture of perfection. It requires truth telling and allowing ourselves to be unsettled by systemic injustice. If you are interested in disturbing the status quo and dismantling interlocking systems of oppression, please reach out to me so we can talk, explore and organize towards the Beloved Community.   

May the Holy Spirit so guide us. 

See you on the flip.

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Phone: 203.639.3501 ext. 115

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