General Convention

The 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church Baltimore, MD, July 8 – 11

The 80th General Convention met in Baltimore, July 8 – 11, 2022. General Convention is the highest governing body of The Episcopal Church, meeting every three years and made up of the Church’s bishops and elected lay and ordained deputies from each diocese. See below summaries of each day, including reflections from our bishops and deputies.

Clergy Deputies
Rowena Kemp, The Rev. Chair (Agencies & Boards)
Tracy Johnson Russell, The Rev. (Congregational & Diocesan Vitality, LC 10)
Ranjit Mathews, The Rev. (Social Justice & International Policy, Secretary, LC 7)
Linda Spiers, The Rev. (Social Justice & International Policy)
Clergy Alternates
Rebekah Hatch, The Rev.
Donald Burr, The Rev.
Marissa Rohrbach, The Rev.
Stephanie Johnson, The Rev.
Lay Deputies
Suzy Burke, Dr. (Racial Justice & Reconciliation)
Elizabeth Rousseau, Ms. (Credentials)
June Aziz, Ms.
A. Bates Lyons, Mr. (Social Justice & International Policy)
Lay Alternates
Steven Horst
Stephen MacAusland, Mr.

Below are helpful websites to guide you through General Convention. Click the images to visit the House of Deputies, General Convention, the Virtual Binder, and the Archives of The Episcopal Church websites for updates, current legislation, research and more.