God’s Mission

God’s mission is the restoration and reconciliation of all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.

The Rev. Andrea Castner Wyatt in Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown.

God loved into creation – the universe, earth, humanity. It was diverse, and it was good. Human sin entered and distorted our relationship with God, one another, and creation. God yearns to make all whole again. This is God’s mission.

God chose and liberated a people, sent the law and the prophets. God came in Jesus, fully human and fully divine. In Jesus’ life, death and resurrection we are restored to unity with God and each other. God sent the Holy Spirit, empowering the Body of Christ.

God co-missions us in baptism to participate in God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation.

How Can We Participate?

We participate by learning what God is already up to, and joining that. We read the Bible to see what God has done, and continues to do.

  • We talk to neighbors and leaders and others. We might convene a meeting, walk around the neighborhood, hop on a bus, host a dinner, or whatever works in that context.
  • We take stock of our gifts and talents, in light of what we’ve learned.
  • We go out from where we are to join God’s mission, reflect on that, and keep doing it.