Christ Church Cathedral

Our Vocation

Christ Church Cathedral serves as a resource for apostleship as we participate in God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation in the city of Hartford, the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, and in the world.

The Cathedral is the seat of the bishops of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.  The Very Rev. Miguelina Howell serves as Cathedral Dean.

As a Cathedral, we are called to imagine and engage the world in creative ways, to embrace theological imagination and to foster collaboration. Our vocation calls us to build bridges, to explore and expand the intersections of faith, the arts, social justice advocacy, and to seek concrete ways to nurture God’s beloved community around us.

The Cathedral hosts four congregations that form a cohesive, multicultural, and multilingual worshipping community. The Cathedral’s four congregations draw people from all walks of life and experiences from the Greater Hartford Area. People from the city and suburbs worship, pray, serve, and learn together.  By virtue of parochial membership, every member of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut is a member of our Cathedral.