The Archives of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut is the official repository for records created by and about the Bishops of the Diocese of Connecticut, its related corporate organizational bodies, and individual Episcopalians and their affiliates. Our foremost requirement by canon is to keep a complete record of all the Episcopal Acts of the bishops. The mission of the ECCT Archives is to identify, collect, preserve, classify, and make available the records of the ongoing life and work of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. The Archives also provides reference service to diocesan staff, clergy, laity and the general public. The ECCT Archives was created by resolution at diocesan convention in 1897, and its resources exist as a part of the broader mission to support community life and parish work in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

Using the Archives

The Archives and Resource Library are open by appointment. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact ECCT’s Archivist & Records Manager.

The archivist is also available to visit parishes and assist with setting up archival programs or records management schedules.

Oral History Series

Oral History is the process of recording and preserving the oral testimony of an individual’s own experiences by providing accounts of the past through personal memory and subjective understanding. Such records can be used to supplement other historical resources such as pictures, documents, artifacts, monuments and folklore.

Oral History uncovers events and stories from the past and is an important archival process because it helps provide perspectives which allow thoughtful decision making for today while aiding in conserving the history of Episcopalian life for present and future generations. Learn More Here!

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