The Rev. Canon D Littlepage, Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice & Reconciliation

I invite parish and diocesan leaders to see the world through the lens of their baptismal vows.  Not only when their consciences are pricked by the latest public outrage, but each and every day, in circumstances grand and small.  When shopping for food, or working on a parish budget, or planning a diocesan event, or deciding where to send the kids to school. As they consider options and make choices, is there an opportunity to proclaim the Good News by word and example?  To seek and serve Christ in all persons?  To strive for justice and peace?  To respect the dignity of every human being?  To cherish the wondrous works of God, and protect and restore the beauty and integrity of all creation?

In my capacity as a Canon, I invite ECCT’s leaders to live out these vows in three particular ways: By engaging in advocacy, pursuing justice, and promoting reconciliation.

This Canon-level position was created at a particular moment in American history, when the nation’s failure to repent its original sin of racial subordination was laid bare by the slow, public, painstaking, “execution by knee” of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin.  Given this giant wake up call, racial justice was made an explicit part of the portfolio.  Thankfully, racial justice remains a focal point to this day.  And it is matched by a commitment to address all of the fault lines along which power, privilege, wealth and respect are distributed in our society, including gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, and physical/mental ability. 

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  • Enhancing racial literacy and inter-cultural competence
  • Hispanic/Latino initiatives and concerns
  • Indigenous Peoples initiatives and concerns
  • LGBTQIA+ initiatives and concerns
  • Creation Care
  • Public witness and advocacy
  • Public policy
  • ECCT-wide mission initiatives
  • Equipping congregations to engage in transformative mission

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