The Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens

The Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens was elected at a special electing convention in 2007 as bishop suffragan and consecrated on June 30, 2007 at Yale’s Woolsey Hall in New Haven. She serves as the Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Bishop Laura walks with a variety of chaplains including hospital, college, and private school chaplains, serves on the Board of Camp Washington, and oversees the ministry of deacons in ECCT. 

As Bishop Suffragan, my portfolio is diverse and wide-ranging. My ministry is focused on helping the diocese explore how God is calling us to be the Episcopal Church in Connecticut at this time. Grounded in our relationship with Jesus, how is God calling us to use the many gifts God has bestowed upon us? 

I love walking with people as they explore their relationship with the Lord and how they are called to share God’s love.  Whether I am visiting a parish, meeting with Vestries, Region groupings, or in any other ECCT setting, I enjoy discerning with others how we can deepen our awareness of God’s presence in our lives, while seeking to build healthy relationships and good communication. I love being curious with others about how God is calling us to be Church in the 21st century. 

Contact Bishop Laura for:

  • Questions or partnership with clergy and parish leaders exploring leadership questions.
  • Parish leadership navigating the challenging landscape of “the changing church.” 
  • Parishes wanting to look deeper at their present setting and/or are wondering about merging or closing. 

Contact Bishop Laura

Phone: 203.639.3501 ext. 109

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