Debbie Kenney, Administrator for Ordination Processes

I support the Dean of Formation and the Commission on Ministry in their work. This includes providing guidance with paperwork pertaining to canonical requirements to individuals through all stages of the ordination process and maintaining their files, and coordinating and supporting the logistics of gatherings that are part of the process. I also assist with the logistics of gatherings of Recently Ordained Clergy.

I enjoy the opportunity to build relationships with others who have a heart for furthering God’s mission, from my colleagues to the people I serve in my role and throughout ECCT.

I love baking cookies. For Christmas a friend and I bake thousands of cookies of various kinds that are given as gifts, including surprise deliveries to unsuspecting recipients and donations.

Contact Debbie for:

  • Questions pertaining to paperwork for the various stages of the ordination process
  • Ordination Services and Inquiries
  • Gatherings for the Recently Ordained Clergy group (ROC)
  • Church Scholarship Society Scholarships & Grants for people in the ordination process
  • ECCT Scholarships for Clergy Children and Young People
  • Continuing Education Grants for Laity and Clergy

Contact Debbie Kenney

Phone: 203.639.3501 ext. 132

Contact Debbie Kenney

Maximum file size: 268.44MB