Rosanna Rosado, Canon for Mission Finance & Operations

As Canon for Mission Finance & Operations, I serve ECCT through the prudent management and optimization of financial and operational systems, including implementation of internal controls, ensuring compliance, and efficient processes. I work to streamline systems and optimize revenues, in addition to cash-flow management, managing operating and capital budgets, ensuring cost containment and mitigating risks. I generate forecasts which inform decision making and provide strategic guidance on disposition & acquisition of organizational assets. I also ensure the annual audit and GAAP compliance. I devise metrics and the valuation of resources to optimize and enhance the organizations programmatic and geographical growth and impact on the services as well as monitor contributions, grants, contracts, and collaborate to ensure compliance and the continuity of business operations.

I enjoy working at ECCT. In particular I appreciate the collegiality, caring culture, strong ethics and moral standards. For fun, I enjoy watching Sci-Fi movies and psychological thrillers.

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Phone: 203.639.3501 ext. 123

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