The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Bishop Laura J. Ahrens

Bishop Laura Ahrens was elected at a special electing convention in 2007 as bishop suffragan and consecrated on June 30, 2007 at Yale's Woolsey Hall in New Haven. She serves as the Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Laura is passionate about engaging ministry in the local context. One of her greatest joys is sharing the fullness of this faithful life of a disciple/apostle of The Good News. Laura enjoys working with parishes and communities as they seek to enhance their life of discipleship, nurturing their spiritual lives and engagement with scripture. Linking this discipleship with ministries of being sent out into the world as apostles to share the Good News is the primary focus of her ministry. Like breathing in and breathing out, we need to embrace both our discipleship and our apostleship to live into our new life in Jesus Christ.

She is particularly interested in new initiatives emerging from local communities and helping communities to build new, creative partnerships for mission and for support. 

Contact Info

The Commons
The Episcopal Church in Connecticut
290 Pratt Street, Box 52
Meriden CT 06450

203-639-3501 x109

Our Staff

Pamela Sola Administrator to Bishop Suffragan 203-639-3501


  • aging
  • anti-racism
  • chaplaincy (university, military prison, healthcare)
  • clergy assistants/associates
  • diaconal ministry
  • ecumenical relations
  • environmental stewardship
  • educational ministries (schools, colleges, universities)
  • grants, Jack Spaeth Care for Creation
  • grants, mission development fund
  • grants, United Thank Offering (UTO)
  • Holy Land ministries
  • jubilee ministries
  • ordination process, diaconal
  • prison ministry - Faith Behind Bars and Beyond (FBBB)
  • retired clergy
  • urban ministry
  • women's ministry
  • young adult formation/ministry
  • youth formation/ministry