Annual Parish Survey FAQs

What is the Annual Parish Survey? +

Per ECCT Canon XII, Sec. 1, “The Clerks of the Cathedral Congregation, Parishes, and Worshiping Communities in the Diocese shall promptly notify the Secretary of the Diocese of the election of lay delegates and alternate delegates to Convention.” In order to make this “prompt notification” as easy as possible, the Annual Parish Survey was created. This form allows your Parish and IEC to easily and quickly submit their Convention Delegates to the Secretary of the Diocese and Convention and, thus, meet the canon’s requirements. While other portions of the Survey are not canonically required, like warden’s and treasurer’s information, sharing that additional information helps ECCT support your parish in numerous ways.

How is the information from the survey used? +

There are several ways in which the information shared in the survey is used–all of which are meant to help support your parish. First, by sharing the name and contact information of your Convention delegates, you ensure they are kept “in the loop” as information about our Annual Convention is shared. This ensures your delegates are included in the Roll of Convention, which is approved each year prior to the start of Annual Convention.

In addition, sharing the names and contact information of your Parish or IEC’s main contact, wardens, treasurer, and clerk ensures the leadership of your parish is also kept “in the loop,” receiving the most up-to-date information from ECCT through avenues such as our bi-weekly enews, Mission Matters quarterly finance enews, and monthly Zoom calls with our Bishops for your wardens and parish leaders. Having up-to-date contact information for parish/IEC leadership is also essential in the case of an emergency in the parish/IEC as it allows ECCT to quickly reach out to those in leadership to offer support and guidance as appropriate to the situation.

I’m nervous about answering the Safe Church questions. Will we be penalized if we answer, “not yet?” +

The General Convention of The Episcopal Church (TEC) has required dioceses, including ECCT, to track progress of parishes in their work regarding Safe Church practices. We have chosen the Annual Parish Survey as the most effective way to gather this information. Once the information is collected, it will be aggregated, with all identifying parish/IEC information removed, and reported to TEC as required. We understand parishes are at different points in the on-going process of implementing Safe Church policies and procedures. If you answer, “not yet,” we’re here to help. If you would like additional assistance meeting Safe Church Policies of TEC and ECCT, please contact the Administrator for Licensing & Training.

How often do I need to complete the form? Is there a deadline? +

Annual Parish Surveys are, as implied in the name, annual. Our canons require each parish/IEC to submit the names of their Convention delegates annually, so the form must be updated each year, even if your delegates remain the same from last year.

The Survey is due by June 30 each year, but since most parishes/IECs have their annual meetings early in the year, why wait? Get it done early and check it off your list!