Arts Ministry Network

The Focus of the Arts Ministry Network is building community, fostering collaboration, embodying creativity and deepening communication through the arts.

Art believes in getting specific:

  • Ekklesia Ballet: Holy Trinity Middletown
  • Interplay: Epiphany, Durham
  • Page Literary Journal: St Paul’s Bantam

Art makes deeper theological dialogue possible; it EMBODIES questions rather than providing answers and fosters communication and meaning making across all ministries.

Regular Meeting Information:

Amici’s Italian Grill, Middletown (day and time not regular)

Primary contact for Ministry NetworkThe Rev. Mary Russell Barnett
Contact phone Number(203) 915-0561
Contact email
Secondary contact for Ministry NetworkKaty Forline
Contact phone Number(860) 930-0890
Contact email

Active ECCT Parishes:

  • Holy Trinity Middletown
  • Epiphany Durham
  • St. Paul’s Bantam

Other Partners:

Ekklesia Ballet
First Church, Middletown (UCC)
South Church, Middletown (UCC)
Community Health Center Middletown