Clergy & Family Assistance Program

Caring for your Wellbeing

In the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT), we understand clergy and lay leaders face many complex challenges. Those challenges also impact the families of people responsible for leadership in the participation in God’s mission. The Clergy and Family Assistance Program (CFAP) is designed to support clergy, lay leaders, and their families in that participation. Complementing traditional pastoral care and other programs offered by ECCT and other sources, CFAP offers additional support and provides confidential access to resources.

  • Who’s eligible to access mental health support services?
    • Members of the clergy, lay employees using the ECCT insurance plan, and their family members are eligible to participate in CFAP group offerings. Lay leaders not included in the ECCT insurance plan can also contact the CFAP Interim Director, Louisa Baker, PhD, for referrals to therapeutic resources.
  • What services are available through the Clergy and Family Assistance Program?
    • A monthly general clergy support group, led by David Olsen, PhD, LCSW, LMFT and Erin Belanger, LMHC. Clergy interested in participating in this group should contact Dr. Olsen at (518) 374-3514.
    • A monthly family constellation and forgiveness workshop with Dan Gates, LMFT. Clergy, lay leaders, and family members can contact Mr. Gates for more information.
    • Individual coaching consultations with Dr. Olsen on topics including leadership, stress, leadership style, and systems work.
    • Referrals to local resources for mental health and substance abuse issues can be made by contacting Louisa Baker, PhD.
  • What kind of privacy can I expect?
    • If you self-refer, no one will be informed of your contacting CFAP. You may also contact the resources listed above for support directly.
    • If you are referred to one of the CFAP program listings by the bishop diocesan, bishop suffragan, or others in authority, only the fact that you followed through on the referral will be made known to the referral source.
    • The content of your discussions will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission, except where such disclosure is required by law.
  • I have health insurance through ECCT (Church Medical Trust). How do I use that to access these services?
    • Individuals and families with health insurance through the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (Church Medical Trust), can access mental health and substance abuse services in two ways.
    • Clergy can use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered through Church Pension Group. Our EAP includes access to the Pastoral Support Network (PSN), confidential counseling and support services offered at no cost and available to all the family members in the household. For more information or to talk with a PSN specialist, call (866) 395-7794.
    • Cigna Behavioral Health maintains its own list of approved providers for longer-term work. If you choose to see a Cigna Behavioral Health provider for outpatient services, you may make your own arrangements for this treatment. This plan offers a benefit if you see a provider who is not contracted with Cigna Behavioral Health. For additional information, please visit the CPG website,, or call Cigna Behavioral Health at 866-395-7794.
  • Does my health insurance cover the cost of spiritual direction?
    • It does not. Clergy and lay leaders interested in working with a spiritual director are encouraged to negotiate a rate with that provider directly.