Clergy & Family Assistance Program

Going forward, all offerings of clergy support which would have been offered through CFAP, will be overseen by the office of the bishops. We continue to actively explore additional ways to support clergy.

Since our clergy day on February 13, where we focused on Supporting Clergy and Families with Pastoral and Psychological Care in the wake of Ron Casey’s death, two sources of support for clergy have been offered.

  1. Clergy Mental Health Support Zoom call* from 10 a.m.-noon, biweekly on Mondays, facilitated by a team, Dr. David Olsen and his associate, Erin Belanger LMHC and,
  2. A session for “urgent situational coaching” with Dr. Olsen. This session may be followed by one additional session, paid for by ECCT. Clergy can contract on their own for additional sessions.

At this time, ECCT is unable to create a curated list of individuals who offer spiritual direction or counseling. As always, you can turn to Mercy by the Sea, Spiritual Life Center, or Bethany House of Prayer. If you are in need of pastoral care, please know that your bishops are here for you.

We also encourage you to utilize the mental health benefits available through your medical insurance program. For those enrolled in the Church Pension Group Medical Trust plans, please consult the support resources available through the Employee Assistance Program and/or the Pastoral Support Network.

If you would like to speak with either Bishop Ian Douglas or Bishop Laura Ahrens, you may contact them directly via phone or email.

*Reminder emails which include the Zoom link information are sent to all clergy (active and retired) via email the Wednesday and Sunday prior to the call. To receive the Zoom information, please contact the Communications Staff.