Companions in Mission for Publishing and Communication

Companions in Mission for Publishing & Communication (CMPC), formerly known as Church Missions Publishing Company, is an organization within the Episcopal Church in Connecticut committed to supporting communication about mission activity, both domestic and foreign. It has a separate budget and is usually able to make a total of approximately $35,000 per year available for grants.

A brief history of CMPC:

The Church Missions Publishing Company began publishing in 1891. CMPC became known throughout the Church for publishing pamphlets and textbooks for use in Christian Education and for Church Schools. In 1948 it changed from publishing individual works to producing the magazine, Pan Anglican, a magazine about mission in the Anglican Communion established and edited eventually by then bishop of Connecticut, the Rt. Rev. Walter Gray. Since then, the CMPC has acted as a granting agency, providing funds for organizations affiliated with Anglican churches throughout the world to print materials that assist them in mission.

Since 2010 CMPC has begun to refocus its efforts to support ECCT parishes in their mission partnerships and include digital as well as print media. From Article II of their revised bylaws (2015): “The object of this Corporation shall be to fund proposals which encourage the world- wide missionary activity of the Episcopal Church as part of the Anglican Communion. Proposals are encouraged that strengthen existing mission partnerships between parishes in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut and churches and service organizations in the United States and abroad. The corporation seeks to support all forms of communication including social media used to inform and enlighten Anglicans throughout the world.”

The board of CMPC includes lay and ordained men and women from ECCT. It is currently chaired by Bill Schrull,