Food Ministry Network

The Food Security Network brings together people from across the 6 regions of The Episcopal Church in CT striving to address our common concerns related to the lack of food security in our state.


The Food Ministry Network gathers to identify and advocate for the particular needs of food insecure communities in the six regions of ECCT, and works to assist in equipping and resourcing individuals, parishes, and regions to work collaboratively for individuals and families who are food insecure and to work for systemic change.

This ministry network organically grew out of a question posed by the Mission Council (the governing body of ECCT) during COVID-19: How can we best address the food insecurity realities during COVID-19? To effectively respond to this question, an invitation went out to all interested members of ECCT to attend a virtual meeting to discuss immediate food and housing needs during COVID-19. During our first meeting the gathered community determined that this work would initially be best served by convening groups in each of the six regions to address the particular needs of each region. Each region found its voice and its energy in ways that represent the needs and the leadership of the region. At the same time, the regions continued to be connected through the sharing of ideas. It quickly became clear that this network has emerged not only as a ministry nestled in the question of how to best address the food insecurity realities during COVID-19,  it needs to be  a ministry network of ECCT that continues beyond COVID-19.

Meeting and Contact Information:

During COVID-19 meetings are being held regionally with conveners setting the most appropriate schedule for their region. Region conveners will meet quarterly via zoom with hopes for an annual in person gathering for the diocese.

Primary contact for Ministry Network
Northeast RegionMaggie Breen –
Southeast RegionThe Rev. Ellen Adams, Deacon –
South Central RegionThe Rev. Geoffrey Smith, Deacon –
North Central RegionThe Rev Bonnie Matthews, Deacon –
Southwest RegionThe Rev Curtis Farr –
Northwest RegionDylan Mello –

Active Parishes:

  • Christ Church Cathedral, Nancy Jacobs, Theresa Greaves
  • St Alban’s Simsbury, Jonathan Lynch
  • St. James, New London, Ellen Adams
  • St. Matthew’s Wilton, Donald Burr
  • St Paul’s Southington, Patricia Leonard
  • St. Paul’s Brookfield, Pam Szen and Mary Perry
  • St. Paul’s Bantam Leslie Perretti. Make a Meal, Make a Difference

Other Partners: 

We are currently in the building relationships stage of creating partners and are working with:

  • Chartwell Food Services contracted with Trinity College Hartford and Post University Waterbury
  • Moral Monday CT
  • Hands on Hartford
  • Camp Washington
  • Groton Food Pantry
  • Food For Homeless Hospitality Center
  • St Vincent de Paul, Norwich
  • Interfaith Food Pantry, Norwich