JDIP Ministry Network

Journey of Discovery with Indigenous Peoples (JDIP)

Journey of Discovery with Indigenous Peoples (JDIP) is a network of Indigenous Peoples and their allies in ECCT seeking to bring the Church and Indigenous tribes and individuals into right relationship through story-telling, listening, and discerning God’s call for their lives together.


JDIP seeks to come along side Indigenous Peoples, specifically of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut and more generally the tribes in the State of Connecticut, to hear stories of their history, experience, and memories in an effort to facilitate healing and justice for all who suffered at the hands of the Church and the State. We pray that this ministry can be a blessing, a promise, and a hope for greater understanding and respect between Indigenous People and the dominant society and might eventually become a platform for collaborative action towards common goals.

The network is made up of parish clergy, non-parochial clergy, lay persons and lay Indigenous People.

Active ECCT Parishes

  • St George’s Middlebury
  • St Peter’s South Windsor
  • Grace & St. John’s, Hamden

Contact and Meeting Information:

Meet Irregularly, via Zoom.

Primary contact for Ministry Network: The Rev.Diana Rogers

Contact email address:


Secondary Contact for Ministry Network:  Lori Ayotte

Contact email address:



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