Mission Travel Grant

Grants are offered on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

About the Companions in Mission Travel Grant

The Companions in Mission Committee offers travel grants to assist members of ECCT parishes in mission-related travel to explore or advance mission partnerships. These grants, limited to $1,000 per parish per year, can help defray the costs of either airfare or in-country expenses. Recipients will have to offer in advance proof of costs, detailed estimates, or copies of receipts before any funds are disbursed.

The 2024 funding total is $10,000, with no single request to exceed $1,000. Requests take approximately 4-6 weeks after approval to payment/reimbursement.

For more information about the Companions in Mission Travel Grant, please contact Wendy Bellmore.

Application Requirements

  • Complete the online application, including submitting detailed estimates of anticipated costs or receipts from costs already incurred.
  • Work with your sponsoring parish to ensure they have supplied ECCT with an updated ACH and W-9
  • Once approved, the funds will be transferred electronically to the sponsoring parish who will then be responsible for reimbursing/paying the requesting traveler.