Registration for Annual Convention OPEN!

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Join us October 27-28 in Hartford and

“Be of Good Courage”

at ECCT’s 239th Annual Convention

Join your siblings in Christ as we pray, listen, learn, and conduct the business of diocese at the 239th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut!
Be of Good Courage Graphic made up of icons and images from across the world.
Curious about the artwork and icons? Learn more below.

All are welcome at our Annual Convention. Each parish is encouraged to send at least one elected lay delegate. All clergy canonically resident in ECCT are required to attend Annual Convention unless they are excused by the bishop in advance. All requests to be excused from Annual Convention must be submitted via the form on ECCT’s website.


A central part of our work at Annual Convention is to consider resolutions from our ECCT community. Resolutions must be submitted by five members of Convention, in writing, along with explanatory comments of no more than 100 words, no later than September 29. Any resolutions submitted after this deadline will be considered only at the discretion of the Convention. Learn more.


Reports must be no longer than 1,000 words in length. If your group’s report needs additional length, it may be submitted as a supplemental addendum to your report as a PDF or Word document via the form. Learn more.


Anyone who wishes to stand for election to the Standing Committee or as a delegate to Province 1 is encouraged to complete the nominee application form on ECCT’s website no later than September 29. Do you know someone whose gifts, experience, and skills could benefit ECCT? Please help us by referring them! Learn more.

Please note: Other bodies such as the Commission on Ministry, Ministry Network representatives to the Mission Council, Camp Washington Board, Cathedral Chapter, and Title IV Disciplinary Committee are nominated by the bishop and voted on at convention. If you would like more information on running for these positions or to be considered for nomination, please contact the Secretary of the Diocese and Convention.

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