Roxana Flores announced as ECCT Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

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Roxana Flores has joined the staff of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut as its new Receptionist and Administrative Assistant. Her desk is located at The Commons in Meriden and she began work February 28, 2023.

Roxana grew up in Meriden and attended All Saints’ Episcopal Church. She recently moved back here after living in Queens, New York for several years. She is happy to be back in Connecticut as she gets to spend more time with her family and friends.

Roxana and her husband, Tony, have two beautiful boys, Eli and Ezekiel. She enjoys doing art projects with her little ones and watching soccer with her family. She is a proud autism mama and awareness/acceptance advocate. 

“Roxana Flores joining our team at the Commons is a great gift to the entire diocese. This new position provides a “real person” on the other end of the phone and in person at the Commons, whose role it is to facilitate communication and connection and provide hospitality and welcome,” said the Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Mello, Bishop Diocesan. “Roxana is exactly who we were looking for when we created this position. She brings experience from the world of small business office management and customer service as well as a passion for, and love of, the Episcopal Church. We hope you will give us a call or stop by in person so you can experience her gifts and joyful energy for yourself.”  

“Becoming a mom has by far been my greatest accomplishment. I’ve been blessed to have two boys who are my world. My oldest has led me into a world I never knew before — the world of the autism spectrum. Through and thanks to him, I have become the best version of myself, one who works hard everyday to become better,” said Roxana. “I have learned to be a voice for those who do not have one and that I hold a tremendous amount of power by advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves. My beautiful boys gave me a purpose in life which I plan on using in whichever which way God allows me to.”

Contact Roxi:

203-639-3501, ext. 130