The Rev. Canon Tim Hodapp to become Canon for Mission Advancement & Coaching

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As of September 1, 2021, the Rev. Canon Tim Hodapp will transition to Canon for Mission Advancement & Coaching in lieu of his former position of Canon for Mission Collaboration. The new role for Canon Hodapp is occasioned by ongoing positive developments of TREC-CT, and in response to changing portfolios as a result of recent retirements and job changes among ECCT Canons. 

“I continue to thank God for the invitation to serve Episcopalians in Connecticut as together we find ways and practice what it means to be church wherever our feet take us,” said Tim. “Paying attention to what God is up to and inviting us to join—as a framework for our ministry and as a spiritual practice for our lay and ordained leaders—will be the focus of my new role. Am I excited? In Minnesota parlance: you betcha!”

Tim has been instrumental in implementing the vision laid out by TREC-CT. As TREC-CT continues to grow and develop, and the Region Missionaries and Region Leadership Teams take on more responsibility, Tim will increasingly focus on equipping lay and ordained leaders to participate in God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation, including oversight of Spring Training. He will continue to provide leadership, facilitation, and direction to the Joining Jesus in the New Missional Age (JJMA) initiative, including further expanding the opportunities to engage in JJMA spiritual practices, overseeing the JJMA Region Entrepreneurial Fund, and providing direction to the JJMA New Christian Communities initiative.  

Tim’s new coaching role will include gathering lay and ordained leaders in communities of practice to reflect on how each is engaging in God’s mission “on the ground.” He will partner with wardens, vestries, parishes, and clergy to explore more deeply “What is a parish in this new missional age?” Tim will also be walking with those serving as a priest-in-charge, in particular those in other-than-fulltime positions, as we continue to live into Transition is the New Normal.

“The changes to Tim’s portfolio as Canon is a logical next step for where we are with TREC-CT and with changing ECCT staff configurations,” said Bishop Diocesan Ian T. Douglas. “I thank God for Tim’s creativity and inspiration which really helped us to live into the changes to our common life imagined by TREC-CT. And I am tremendously excited to see how Tim’s new mantle as ‘coach’ will help all of us live more deeply our baptismal call to participate in God’s mission.”

Tim’s contact information will remain the same. He can be reached via email at and via phone at 203-639-3501 ext. 133.