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The Right Reverend Sean W. Rowe Elected to be the The Episcopal Church’s 28th Presiding Bishop

From Episcopal News Service (edited): The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, bishop of Northwest Pennsylvania and bishop provisional of Western New York, was elected June 26 by the House of Bishops to serve as the 28th Presiding Bishop. Later in the afternoon, the House of Deputies confirmed his election at the 81st General Convention.

Presiding Bishop-Elect Rowe was elected on the first ballot and the deputies proceeded to confirm him with a nearly unanimous majority. After the confirmation vote was announced, all rose in applause.

Rowe was elected from a slate of five nominees. The other presiding bishop nominees were Nebraska Bishop J. Scott Barker, Central New York Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe, Pennsylvania Bishop Daniel G.P. Gutiérrez, and Atlanta Bishop Robert Wright.

To win, Rowe needed at least 82 votes from the 158 bishops who cast handwritten ballots. He received 89 votes. Barker received 24, Wright received 19, Gutiérrez received 17, and Duncan-Probe received 9.

Presiding Bishop-Elect Rowe also is scheduled to preach at General Convention’s final Holy Eucharist on June 28. He will begin his nine-year term as the public face and voice of The Episcopal Church and its chief pastor on November 1, succeeding Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

You can read more from the Episcopal News Service (ENS).

Bishop Laura Ahrens took this photo in Christ Church Cathedral (Louisville) where the Presiding Bishop-Elect received the news that the House of Deputies had confirmed his election. He is in the center with the 27th Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on his left and the 26th Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori on his right.

Address to the General Convention

“God is calling us even more deeply into the unknown.”

~Presiding Bishop-Elect Sean W. Rowe

At approximately 3:11 PM on June 26, the Right Reverend Sean W. Rowe addressed a joint session of the General Convention, surrounded by deputies from both Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York.

You can watch Presiding Bishop-Elect Rowe’s address here.

Press Conference

Presiding Bishop-Elect Rowe and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry sat down for a press conference later in the afternoon where media asked questions about the Presiding Bishop-Elect’s vision for the church, what he learned from his time in the dioceses of Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York, and how growing up in the Rust Belt will inform his episcopacy.

Watch the Press Conference here.