Nominees to Standing Committee, Clergy

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I believe I am suited for service on the Standing Committee due to my commitment to fulfilling the ordination vow to take my share in the councils of the church, as well as my active ministry and deep-rooted connection to ECCT. I desire to serve in this capacity for several reasons.

First, I am eager to support Bishop Mello as he enters the second year of his episcopacy and works on initiating new programs. Having a stable and capable leadership team is essential for ECCT’s growth and development. Second, I would like to support parishes that are navigating mergers, closures, property developments, and sales. These processes are often complex and emotionally charged, and I believe I can offer guidance and empathy to parishes in need. Third, having been ordained in ECCT, I would like to support the Commission on Ministry in making the ordination process a more accessible and equitable journey for all discerning a call to holy orders.

I have a strong foundation in ECCT, having been ordained here as a deacon in 2019 and a priest in 2020. My entire ordination process took place here, giving me an in-depth understanding of our dynamics and needs. Additionally, I am a graduate of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, which has equipped me with knowledge and skills that are useful for navigating the complexities of church leadership.

As a young adult priest, I hope to bring a fresh perspective and energy. I have a deep affection for, and commitment to, the church and its people. By serving on the Standing Committee, I would aim to work collaboratively towards a more inclusive and vibrant ECCT community. I believe that the present moment presents a unique opportunity to shape the future of ECCT as it enters a new chapter post-pandemic and with our new bishop.

I have been called to serve God in myriad fashions. I am used to working with a wide range of persons, and seek always to see the face of God in all with whom I interact. I am accepting of individuals from divergent backgrounds and do not allow differences to divide us, but instead I am open to the ideas and opinions of others and seek to see that which we share in common through our humanness Serving on the Standing Committee is one of those instances requiring such openness. I am completing the term which I was called to finish, and after much prayer and contemplation I have discerned that my work with this leadership group has not yet been completed. Having served on the Standing Committee I am cognizant of that which is required of its members. I have faithfully fulfilled those requirements and am ready to continue in these efforts. I bring a perspective which is steeped in my cultural heritage, but which is more importantly an expression and example of living out and living into the gospel of Jesus, the Christ. It is this contextualized faith that guides my actions, interactions and decisions. I have prayerfully discerned that God is continuing to call me the work of the Standing Committee. I bring an experiential background and perspective which is not replicated by other members on the committee and I am willing to share my insights and opinions with others. This is a task/committee to which I feel called and I will faithfully execute all of the duties and responsibilities incumbent upon membership on the Standing Committee. It is these attributes and traits which I proffer in my candidacy for reelection and I pledge to serve faithfully, prayerfully and equitably.

As an ordained ministry in different dioceses (Haiti, NY, NY; and ECCT, I would like to share my experiences and at the same to learn more and more ECCT.