Nominees to Standing Committee, Lay

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Having served three terms as a Warden at St. John’s Church in North Haven, I’ve refined my leadership skills, especially during challenging periods like the pandemic and times without a Priest in Charge. My consistent engagement in church committees, ranging from Vestry and Priest Search to Stewardship and Buildings and Grounds, underlines my ability to collaborate effectively and think strategically. My dedication to my Christian faith fuels my desire to serve my church to the fullest, as I firmly believe in its role as a haven of love, connection, and prayer.

On a professional front, I currently own a property management company, affording me insight into leasing and building management, including properties belonging to the Church. Additionally, I spent two decades as a firm administrator for a Home Health and Consulting company, overseeing a team of five individuals. This experience has equipped me with proficiency in business administration and project management, with a strong grasp of Administration, Human Resources, and Information Technology.
I’m genuinely enthusiastic about the prospect of channeling my diverse skill set and experiences toward the Standing Committee. My steadfast commitment to the Church’s values, combined with my track record of community engagement, leadership, and global service, instills confidence in my ability to deliver impactful contributions.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I eagerly anticipate the possibility of working alongside fellow committee members to advance the Episcopal Church of Connecticut’s mission.

As ECCT navigates a changing relationship to the property that it has stewardship over, and considers how best to use those resources to do the work of Christ in our communities, my background in property law and affordable housing provides me with insight into ways in which our parishes can use those resources both for financial sustainability and service towards those most in need in our communities.

Additionally, being a young adult in the Episcopal Church, I believe that our parishes and diocese can meet the spiritual needs of young adults in our state, and through outreach, formation, and discipleship, can incorporate their talents into the mission of the church. My roles in the Young Adult Episcopalians and the 20s and 30s Ministry Networks have given me the opportunity to work collaboratively with other members of our diocese across parishes towards the goal of investing in and building young adult community in ECCT.

My favorite thing about practicing law was getting people to agree, helping them to find the middle ground. I think it’s a silly myth that loving discord and arguments makes someone a good advocate. Being able to help people see the good in each other, or the good in a particular solution is far more useful, and I am good at that.

I love being part of a church and of a worldwide communion that is not just tolerant of life’s rich diversity but fully accepts and extends God’s love to folks who have been marginalized by society and sometimes even by church. I would be honored to serve in a role that could help extend the reach of that kind of love.

I am a Realtor and think I can bring some real estate perspective to bear on the many properties that come before the committee