Resolutions Submitted to Convention

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2. Clergy Compensation Resolution

Proposed by:

The Mission Council


Resolved, that the 239th Convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut adopt the 2024 Clergy Compensation Salary Schedule as proposed and appended to this resolution.


As directed by the vote of the Annual Convention, Mission Council has provided a minimum base for clergy compensation. The annual increment for years of ordination and the Cost of Living (COLA) is established by this action and becomes the minimum base for clergy compensation in parishes. Periodic parity adjustments are made as well.

This resolution proposes a minimum compensation level for clergy within the Episcopal Church in Connecticut to enable them to devote their time and energy in leading others in God’s ministry of restoration and reconciliation with all of creation.

Requirements to Implement:

The action of the 2023 convention sets this schedule as the standard for all parishes. There is no extra cost other than the effect of the compensation placement at each parish unit and the compliance discussions between parishes and the Bishop’s office that periodically take place. The funding of those latter interventions is within the confines of the annual operating budget of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

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