Robin Hammeal-Urban, Pastoral Response & Discipline Resource Officer

A former Legal Aid attorney, Robin joined the bishops’ staff in 2000 to assist when questions arise regarding clergy behavior and professional standards. Over the years, her portfolio expanded to include numerous additional initiatives. Recently, Robin refocused her efforts on her original call to serve in diocesan ministry. The impact of alleged clergy misconduct ripples out and affects individual members, a parish as a whole, and many beyond the parish. While the care of all those impacted is at the core of Robin’s ministry with ECCT, she also oversees Mandatory Clergy Professional Development 2022.

Robin points out that reading the canons can be a bit dry. There are easier ways to understand Title IV Training Materials available through our website!

Contact Robin for:

  • Concerns about clergy behavior
  • Inquiries about the clergy disciplinary process, which is set out in the canons of The Episcopal Church
  • Feel called to serve in a ministry to support people who are engaged in the disciplinary process.

Contact Robin Hammeal-Urban

Phone: 203.639.3501 ext. 122

Contact Robin Hammeal-Urban

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