Swords to Plowshares Ministry Network

We seek to partner with our community and offer a hopeful way forward through the death-dealing realities of gun violence into the promised abundant garden of life.


Since the Spring of 2017, a collaboration between the Newtown Action Alliance, ECCT, the CT Conference of the UCC, Yale New Haven Hospital, the New Haven Police Department, the CT Department of Corrections, RawTools of Colorado, and Bishops United Against Gun Violence has focused on taking guns that have been voluntarily turned in through buy-backs in Greater New Haven and turning them into gardening tools.  (Each gun received at buy backs is vetted by the New Haven Police Department and the Connecticut State Police.  Guns that may be evidence in a crime remain the property of law enforcement and are not destroyed.) The process includes destroying the guns and forging them into tools using blacksmithing techniques and equipment. The first ‘crop’ of tools will be given to High Schools and Community Gardens in Greater New Haven.

Meeting and Contact Information:

Primary contact for Ministry NetworkJames Curry
Contact email addressjamesecurry1@att.net

Active Parishes:

Saint James, Fair Haven

Grace and Saint Peter’s Hamden

Christ Church, Guilford

Other Partners: RAW Tools Inc, Yale New Haven Hospital, Newtown Action Alliance, Connecticut Conference of the UCC, New Haven Police Department, CT Department of Correction, Bishops United Against Gun Violence