What’s My Region?

And, what exactly is a Region?

A Region is the common witness of a geographic area in ECCT. There are six geographic Regions.

The Six Regions

  • Each Region provides a lay and clergy person to serve as member of the Mission Council.
  • Each Region establishes its own leadership structure within a Region Leadership Team (RLT)
  • Each Region has a Region Missionary (an ECCT staff member)
  • Each Region meets at least once a year to raise up members for the Mission Council, and meet more often as the Region determines.

How do I join my Region Leadership Team?

You can find out how to join your Region Leadership Team by reaching out to your Region Missionary.

What does a Region Missionary do?

Working closely with the conveners of the Region Leadership Teams (RLTs), they support them in their efforts to raise up collaborative opportunities in the Regions. Region Missionaries also work closely with the leadership of Ministry Networks, assisting in the convening and the communication about the work of the networks.  

Region Missionary’s Primary Areas of Engagement

  • Supporting the development of leaders (privileging lay leadership) and diocesan initiatives
  • Overseeing, enhancing, and expanding Ministry Networks
  • Advancing efforts to dismantle racism, white supremacy, and anti-Black bias
  • Coaching parishes as they engage with the Joining Jesus in a New Missional Age (JJMA) Spiritual Practices
  • Promoting and assisting in the development of a 21st century Church, utilizing new financial resources raised through the JJMA fundraising initiative.

Note: These are “Region Missionaries,” not “Regional.”