Region Entrepreneurial Fund

The Region Entrepreneurial Fund (REF) Grant is an opportunity for Episcopalians of multiple parishes to dream big and join God’s mission within and across our Regions.

What you need to know:

  • The Region Entrepreneurial Fund is established to award grants that catalyze and build capability within and across ECCT Regions.
  • Two or more Episcopal parishes or a Ministry Network embody the grant requestors, enabling efforts within a Region to catalyze energy and engage collaboratively across parishes and within/across Regions.

Note: This grant is not awarded for efforts focused on single parishes or capital improvements.

Community Partners (ecumenical communities, social service agencies, arts organizations, etc.) are encouraged to join and support the “big idea.”

Access the Grant Application below:

Need help with your grant development? Contact the Rev. Tim Hodapp, Canon for Mission Advancement & Coaching and Diocesan Transition Minister.

Grant Applications Due December 13, 2023

Grant Reports

Collecting data and providing semi-annual progress reports to your Region Leadership Team and the Canon for Mission Advancement & Coaching is required of all grant recipients. Please access the semi-annual progress report below. If you choose the PDF version, please deliver your submission to

Entrepreneurial | äntrəprəˈnərēəl | adjective, to explore new pathways with innovation, gusto, creativity, and freedom

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) is pleased to make available funds to catalyze our Regions’ engagement by joining in God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation in new and exciting ways. These financial resources were raised in ECCT’s 2019-2020 Joining Jesus initiative, where generous individual donors and eight parishes designated roughly $750,000 to the Region Entrepreneurial Fund (REF). These funds — designated for distribution over the next five or six years — are intended for exciting, innovative, new or expanding ministries that engage and energize parishes, Ministry Networks, and community partners within our Regions.