A Further Update Regarding St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Shelton

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From Bishop Jeffrey Mello: Yesterday, I shared a brief statement regarding St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Shelton. It is also posted to our website, which you can access here.

As of this afternoon, ECCT has secured the buildings on St. Paul’s property and will ensure that utilities remain on as we all discern what is next for the congregation. I have also placed the Reverend Amjad Samuel on administrative leave and appointed the Reverend Canon Ranjit Mathews as Priest-in-Charge. Canon Ranjit will lead worship at St. Paul’s, Sunday January 21, at 10 AM. At 5 PM Sunday, I will host a 1 hour forum on Zoom, for all who are interested, to provide updates and answer questions people may have.

My staff and I shall continue taking steps to both ensure care for all of the people impacted by these developments. Please keep the people of St. Paul’s, and all who are involved, in your prayers.