Employer Requirements for Notice of CT FMLA and CT Paid Leave: New Model Notice Available

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By Jean Tomasco, Interim Human Resources Manager

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Parishes should be aware that there is a new employee notice requirement going into effect on July 1, 2022. As of that date, employers are required to provide written notice to their employees—at the time of hiring, and annually thereafter—of their entitlement to Connecticut Family & Medical Leave (CT FMLA) and the terms under which such leave may be used, as well as the employees’ opportunity to file a claim for compensation under the CT Paid Leave program. The notice also must advise employees that retaliation for requesting, applying for, or using CT FMLA leave is prohibited and that the employee has the right to file a complaint with the Connecticut Department of Labor (CT DOL) for any alleged violations.

Parishes may provide the required information by including the notice or policy in employee handbooks or other written guidance to employees concerning employee benefits or leave rights, if such written materials exist, or by distributing a copy of such notice or policy to each new employee upon hiring. In either case, distribution of the notice or policy may be accomplished electronically.

The CT DOL recently published a prototype notice on its website; parishes may use this notice to provide the required information to their employees. A version formatted to fit on two pages is available on ECCT’s website in the Human Resources section, along with an article with general information on CT FMLA and CT Paid leave.