Reparations Task Force

At the 236th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, Resolution #7 called on the bishops to create a “Reparations Task Force.” 

The pertinent resolve in Resolution #7 reads as follows:

“Resolved, that this Convention direct the bishops to create a task force whose membership will consist of a majority of clergy and laity of color, with an invitation to all clergy of color canonically resident in ECCT to serve on the task force, in order to study and make specific recommendations to the 237th Convention as to reparations by ECCT and individual Parishes, Worshipping Communities, and Intentional Episcopal Communities in partial compensation for 400 years of discrimination and bias based on race.”

You can learn more about the members of the task force here.

Reparations Task Force

  • The Rev. Dr. Donald L. HamerCo-convener, Retired, Chaplain to Retired Clergy and Spouses
  • Cheryl SharpCo-convener, Member, St. Peter’s, Cheshire
  • The Rev. Whitney AltoppRector, St. Stephen’s, Ridgefield
  • The Rev. Mark ByersPriest-in-Charge, St. Andrew’s, Meriden
  • The Rev. Darryl C. BurkePriest-in-Charge, Trinity Church, Portland
  • The Rev. Shancia JarrettCurate, Christ Church, Greenwich
  • The Rev. Rowena KempRector, Grace, Hartford
  • The Rev. Tracy Johnson RussellRector, St. Monica’s, Hartford
  • Dick ShriverMember, St. Ann’s, Old Lyme
  • Valarie StanleyMember, St. Luke’s, New Haven
  • The Rev. Deacon Ronald SteedDeacon, most recently at St. James’, Preston and Grace, Yantic
  • Lisa YarborMember, St. Luke’s, New Haven