Retired Clergy

In fall 2018, ECCT commissioned a chaplain to the retired clergy in each of the ECCT Regions, and they have proven to be a valuable resource for retired clergy and spouses. We have now added a chaplain to retired deacons. Our chaplains are here for your support and assistance, whether it is to answer a question, point you to a resource, or just to have a friendly chat. We are pleased to introduce our chaplains below. Please feel free to reach out to them!

Retired Clergy Chaplains

  • The Rev. Marilyn Anderson Northwest Region
  • The Rev. Louise KalemkarianSouthwest Region
  • The Rev. Don Hamer North Central Region
  • The Rev. Shaw MudgeNortheast Region
  • The Rev. Diana RogersSoutheast Region
  • The Rev. Bevan StanleySouth Central Region
  • The Rev. Patricia JacksonDeacons Chaplain