The Rev. Patricia Jackson

Retired Deacon’s Chaplain

The Rev. Patricia Jackson spent over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry as Clinical Researcher ensuring that some of the antibiotics we take meet FDA standards – that is, they are not only safe but also effective. Taking a very early retirement from Bristol Myers-Squibb, Pat later worked for Bayer Pharmaceuticals of West Haven and Hoffman-La Roche in Nutley, New Jersey from which she is now really retired.

In between, Pat took Holy Orders to become a Clergy in the Episcopal Church of Connecticut, and was raised up from little St. Martin’s Church at the corner of Andover and Colebrook Streets in Hartford. She was ordained a Deacon in September 2007 and served at Trinity Episcopal Church, Sigourney Street, Hartford and at Church of the Holy Trinity in Middletown.

Pat’s diaconal passion centers around support for the poor, lonely, sick, forgotten, housebound, and marginalized both inside and outside of the Church community. This passion has led her to be an advocate for our retired deacon community whom she faithfully serves both in their lives and at the time of their deaths.