Mandatory Clergy Professional Development

All clergy canonically resident or licensed to serve in Connecticut are required to attend MCPD for one day every three years and are due for this training in 2022. The training also serves as Safe Church recertification as required by the Model Policies of The Episcopal Church. Clergy who are inactive, meaning they perform no liturgical actions for family or anyone else, may indicate such inactivity to the diocesan bishop’s office and can be excused from this training requirement.

The final make-up day for MCPD is Saturday, November 19 via Zoom. Please register using the button below.

Important Information

In person attendance: Proof of COVID vaccination and booster is required at check-in.

Note for retired clergy: use promo code “Retired” when registering for discount.

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Training Dates

New for 2022: Active retired clergy not regularly serving in a parish as a Priest in Charge, while invited to participate in the full day, are required to attend only the first two hours of MCPD from 9–11 AM.

  • Saturday, May 14 via Zoom
  • Thursday, June 9 in person
  • Tuesday, June 21 via Zoom
  • Thursday, September 8 in person
  • Saturday, November 19 via Zoom (make-up day)

The day will include an overview of mandated reporting requirements for clergy, Title IV, and Boundaries for Ordained Ministry by Robin Hammeal-Urban, ECCT’s Pastoral Response & Discipline Resource Officer. Followed by a special presentation, “Recognizing and Addressing Bullying in Faith Communities.”

The key focus of the training will talk about how to cope with individuals who engage our congregations in antagonistic and provocative ways that can range from unpleasant discourse to unsafe behavior.  Antagonists challenge even the strongest of leaders; they expose the need for firm and containing engagement that might feel antithetical to pastoral caregiving.  These are delicate situations.  Managing bullying behavior requires courage, self-control, compassion, and teamwork.  This session is designed to help us understand why people engage in these behaviors, why we respond or react in the ways that we do, and options for interrupting and more effectively managing these behaviors.

Our presenters are all steeped in the dynamics of parish life.  They have served as lay leaders in parishes and supported clergy in multiple dioceses through training, retreat facilitation, counseling, coaching, and other interventions. Our presenters, all from New Hampshire, will work in teams of two.  They are Patricia Gianotti, Psy.D.; Stephen Gianotti, MS.B.Ed; and Christyn Sieve, Psy.D.  Their bios are linked here.