A Prayerful Life is the Bees Knees

Written By: Caela Collins

When I think of World Bee Day (May 20th), the word “Opportunity” immediately comes to mind. So many opportunities to lace this #ECCTStory with bee puns because unbeknownst to the ECCT masses, your Digital Storyteller is quite punny. All jokes aside, there is something very buzz-worthy about this worldly holiday that expands beyond the confines of honey. World Bee Day presents an opportunity for us to get closer to our Lord.

In college, one of my three roommate’s had an assignment where they had to identify a plant that symbolized everyone in their acting class based on their personality, essence, or what I like to call, their overall vibe, then present it. After hours of researching a series of floral arrangements, there was one particular classmate that gave my roommate major planter’s-block. The block was so prevalent that me and my other two roommates were immediately inducted into the garden consensus of Room 304 that evening. While the makeshift floral advisory committee, aka my two roommates, offered suggestions for what flowers could be attributed to my roommate’s final classmate, I sat quietly and listened.

Finally, after some internal deliberation, I spoke up, “Your professor said plants, right? It doesn’t have to just be flowers?” I asked. My roommate nodded as everyone turned towards me, anticipating a great revelation that would fall from my mouth after sitting silently for so long. With my arms crossed, I flashed a Mona Lisa smile and proudly said, “Grass.” Everyone immediately started laughing but much like Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait, I was quite serious.

There is symbolism in ALL of God’s creation, even something as simple or seemingly monotonous as grass. (P.S. My roommate did in fact go with my idea of grass, which represents interconnectedness.)

The Bee in Bible

Jesus wants us to live our best life, abundantly ( John 10:10 ), and we literally can’t do that without our Bee-FF’s.

A world without bees would seriously sting.

There are actually-factually over 60 references where bees are used in the bible, so they must be super important, right? Right, indeed: Bees are dire to our survival, they’re responsible for 1/3 of the food Americans eat due to pollination. Without them, the food-chain would deteriorate, over 100K plant species (including our fave fruits & veggies) would become extinct if bees were to go away.

How to Bee More Prayerful

My child, honey is good for you, so eat it. It is sweet on your tongue when you taste it. In the same way, wisdom is also good for you. If you find wisdom, it will help you in life. The things that you hope for in the future will surely happen. [Proverbs 24: 13-14]

Bees symbolize wisdom, new beginnings, and hard work; they are visual symbols of how God’s creation can help us lead a prayerful life. The momentous & ancient work that bees do by pollinating various landscapes in order to help crops and plant-life grow is truly holy work. They work to sustain God’s creation by upholding the true purpose of the land that God has crafted for us. Earth was created with the intention of abundant living and taking pleasure in God’s land how God intended to be. The wise yet interconnected workings of the Honey-Bee is devout and we can take notes. Bees respect God’s land which flows with milk and literal honey, collecting pollen & nectar from flowers in such a way that will cause the least amount of damage to them, leaving the flowers whole and unharmed.

How wonderful would it be to collect lessons and love from our peers in such a way that will also leave them whole?

How can we use our natural God-given talents mixed with some elbow-grease to work in ways that sustain God’s creation from landscape to creature?

How awesome and un-bee-lievable is it to know that our small steps can really create a huge impact?

A Prayerful life is the bees knees, no kneeling required.

The Beeger Picture

Take a look at some of the lessons I gained during my Bee visit at St. John’s, Guilford:

World Bee Day visit at St. John’s, Guilford to view their bees and pollinator garden/meadow.

Interested in Starting a Pollinator Garden or want Tips/Help with Beekeeping?

One thought on “A Prayerful Life is the Bees Knees

  1. Thank you for this very nicely done article. And thank you to the folks at St. John’s for doing their part in helping save the environment.

    I’m sharing this article with the beekeepers at Allendale Correctional Institution in Fairfax, South Carolina. Beekeeping is one of the programs that are part of the Character Restoration Initiative at Allendale. The men manage over a dozen hives. The programs at Allendale — beekeeping, pottery, quilting, painting and drawing, GED prep, Jumpstart (to prepare men for success upon release), a Christian book club, Standing Tall (a program that promotes good values and wise decision-making), and others — have greatly reduced recidivism for the men who are eventually released and provide purpose for those who will never leave the prison.

    I’m sure the beekeepers will enjoy reading the article.

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