Camp Day at GC81

Written by Sarah Louise Woodford, Canon for Communications & Media

The Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, was filled on Tuesday with deputies, bishops, and visitors clad in tie-dyed t-shirts, and in ECCT’s deputation’s case, a cheery green with Camp Washington’s logo on the front and STAFF prominently printed on the back in white letters. Tuesday was Camp Day, and many deputations wore shirts to show support for their diocesan camps.

As ECCT’s deputation worshipped, listened and voted on resolutions, stopped for lunch or an afternoon coffee break, the green shirts from ECCT’s Camp Washington were always present. Sometimes just as one person and sometimes in clusters of twos or threes, and even on the floor, after the nominees for Presiding Bishop were presented in a joint session, a solid block of green at the Connecticut table. A table that included all of our deputies, the Right Reverend Jeffrey W. Mello, the Right Reverend Doctor Laura Ahrens, and the Right Reverend Ian Douglas, Ph.D.

At the Province 1 luncheon, the Reverend Canon Lee Crawford, Ph.D. shared a moving story about her experiences at Camp Washington in the early 1970s and how this special place in our diocese helped to form her, not only as a person of faith, but also as someone who was called to the priesthood, even before women were ordained.

What a great witness, both past and present, of how camp is an important place that forms us and brings us not only closer to God, but also closer to hearing God’s call for our lives.

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